Ballet is the foundation of all other dance styles. This highly technical dance trains good posture, strength, flexibility and balance. We work through the R.A.D. syllabi including barre work, centre, free movement and character work.

Pointe work is only undertaken when each individuals body is ready.

At a young age (Babies Ballet) we concentrate on improving co-ordination, confidence and interaction with others in the class. We focus on having fun whilst introducing the fundamentals of ballet. What little girl doesn’t want to be a Ballerina when they grow up and now “Billy Elliot” has given the boys a perfect role model aswell.

Street Dance is a fusion of Commercial pop, Hip Hip and Jazz danced to the latest pop and RnB tunes.

It is a strong and energetic style of dance, working at a fast pace.  Shows such as “Britain’s Got Talent” and “Gotta Dance have made this style very popular.  It is a great way to keep active.  The expressive nature of this dance really helps to build confidence.

In class we focus on a warm up to improve flexibility and strength and a choreographed sequence usually involving floor patterns and interesting innovative moves.



Tap is generally defined by it’s intricate and precise footwork with a strong use of rhythm to compliment the music.  It builds good muscle control and really good posture.

We work through the B.A.T.D. syllabi as well as free work, improvisation and choreographed sequences.

Every child likes to make a noise, why not let them channel it a really positive and fun way.

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